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Environmental Policy

New Zealand is undoubtedly beautiful and we’re privileged enough to enable tourists and travellers to share in that beauty. With great privilege comes great responsibility, a responsibility we at Nelson Coachlines take very seriously, as we have for over 90 years. We’re committed to keeping NZ as unspoilt as possible, not only for the future of tourism in the region and country but also for future generations of kiwis and visitors to come.

This commitment is conducted through all aspects of our business, from energy and waste management to emission monitoring and conservational initiatives to assist in minimising the impact to the environment. Simple recycling around the yard or a driver’s commentary advising tourists to ‘pack-it-in pack-it-out’, this is a full time commitment. Nelson Coachlines is determined to maintain the latest European Emission standards on new build buses and coaches along with rotation of older vehicles out of the fleet.

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